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This photography blog is where I'll be keeping you guys updated on what my newest adventure is and what I'm up to.

Momma on the way to Rainbow Mountains

Hiking up to Rainbow Mountains, we were about a quarter of the way up. We passed a few people on the trail selling snacks and drinks, which was extremely nice because stupid me forgot to bring snacks, except for a little bit of dark mango chocolate. This lady was selling little things like granola bars, oranges, and beer. I immediately noticed she had a very unique look about her, something I just had to capture. I asked her if I could take her photograph and told her where to stand for this epic shot! She got very happy when I showed her the photo on the back of my camera and I went on my way. What I really loved was how happy she was with the way she looked and who she was. Something we could all do well to learn from.